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Every now and then, you look around. Taking a pause from the busy life, you try to think on what matters in life and what not. The assessment often ends up burdening your shoulders and the heaviness in your heart irritates you. But in all those painful moments there is a simple fact that you are always aware of and that is “You need this”. It’s not a mystery that you tend to ignore it; I think out of ten people at-least the nine of them do the same thing. It’s in our nature to ignore the path that could lead to pain. But it’s also in our nature to seek what seems complicated.

And so as you assess your-self, you realize that this life you are living is nothing but a big roundabout, you start your journey to literally come back to the same point. The only thing that differs in the end is the experience and knowledge you carry with every milestone. And that triggers the series of actions where you start a countless thoughts to figure out what matters the most, you look around to do nothing else but count the number of people who cares about you and who you care about. You realize that it’s the only thing which always mattered and which will always matter. The smile and happiness you possess always comes from the memories of your past. You feel lucky to have those special people in your life. You feel blessed to have been in love, even if it was for a very short time.

And you are no longer in chaos, you think of everything as one single point of life. The point where you felt alive and when something touched your heart so gently yet strongly that you lack words to describe it. You wonder how could life has been this simple and you probably curse yourself for being ignorant. But trust me it’s ok, everyone does that.

So at this point of life, everything for you changes, I think that is what enlightenment really is. This is when you have a very simple solution to the confusion; you take control of your soul and simply become a better self.