In all the random choices you can make, we tend to make all the ones desired by our loved ones. It’s a vicious cycle of desire and needs, be it love or sacrifices, it’s inherently exhausting at times. Yes, the submission to relationships has been amazing in past, and yes it did provide strong family support and sometimes made you feel all-powerful but like Stan Lee wrote “with great power comes great responsibility” – This is something we tend to forget easily.

The whole concept of endless efforts to maintain a relationship does seem fruitless and puts an extreme emotional strain, yet people continuously put those efforts.

I wonder what drives people to continue to succumb to relationships. Is it the fear of losing, real love, moral obligation, or a program that is driving generations? A matrix yeah!

Compared to some cases where relationships are undervalued so easily at times, it does seem that what we have are the necessary evil and a greener valley. But is it necessary?

Of course, we can’t generalize anything but perhaps we can and quote it to free speech.

Thinking a bit more about relationships, what would you really like? I mean it’s not a prepackaged bottle of cold coffee that you can order on the market, it’s more of a homemade cup of tea meant specifically for individuals, where some may need more milk and sugar than others or perhaps some need strong flavor than other. So mostly it is a custom variation tailored to individuals.

But if that is the case, generalizing and putting all of these in norms would be controversial and rather incorrect.

And I believe that is the main problem, considering every relationship is unique so it would need unique tending and subtracting the cycle of desire and need, you may achieve a perfect one. Because in fact love in itself is selfless and if that is the foundation of every relationship, shouldn’t a relationship be selfless and unbounded?

Having said that, in the end, what really matters is what you want and how you want to spend these years of your life if you ask me – it’s ok for a guy and a girl to be just friends, it’s okay not to roll over on every expectation from your parents, its ok not to be fond of your siblings, it’s ok to be in love with multiple people, self or no one, its ok to be divorced, it’s ok to be married, it’s ok to be not wanting kids, it’s ok to have affection for others, it’s ok not to want a career, its ok to want s career and not marriage, it’s ok to be a gym freak, it’s ok to be people, pleaser, it’s ok to be married and have kids but still not love your spouse, it’s ok to adopt kids and be a single mother or father, its ok to be in love and then be out of it, and its ok to be what you want.