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March 17 Th 2003

“I am not an idiot; I know how the world works”

The night seems to have passed away but still the bit of sleep left in my eyes brings the dreams back. These dreams are special not just because I dreamt them last night but because they brought all that was lost and that is lost.

The intermediate phase of a day brings such control that sometimes I’ am suspicious about my mind. It has extraordinary capabilities to do miracles by restricting its own moves.

I don’t know how many could have felt the same but this thing is the one different thing I ever felt. Such need and desire to go on and dive into the depth then moving up to the curves at times brings you all you could have desired to be happy.

With every breath when you can smell the perfumes you are sure that you are getting involved and as soon as it happens you know that you can’t fall back now.

As you move closer to the destiny, you can feel its breath and it seems like you are moving towards her. With her every breath you can hear the heart promising. You don’t know what to do. All the cerebral activities are seized and you are a prisoner now who loves to be in prison and is unaware of the outer world.

You look into the eyes which have unlimited powers of attracting. The story doesn’t end here you move ahead and the cutest peck gives all the lost desires back and it rules you at the same moment so that you can move ahead. But every move adds to the fear and it makes you nervous, you are ready to go ahead but you can’t because you know that it can foil every emotion.

That’s how it is complicated and instead of all your willing you don’t move ahead. You can hear the movements and the desire to go deep on the other end too. But you know what should be done.