May 13 2009

Something is surely missing today and the worst part is that I don’t have a clue about what is missing. As the wind blows and the air warms up and an unknown suffocation penetrates the frame, the soul feels unsatisfied and confused. Life is not as simple as it seems, but the decisions you make and the determination you have always brings things in balance and it’s definitely the truth.

Every moment have made me realize that whatever may be the ambiance, however may be the journey and forever may be the support, one has to walk alone. And I am happy with that because it’s the best thing to walk alone.

It’s the most difficult task to live two different lives, one with an ease of determining things which brings happiness and the another one with difficulties of determining a way out from the emotional outburst. But when you are sure about living a single character and you are sure to opt between the accounts of breath you have, that moment you are free and free is your soul.

Now a days, I often get the chance to express everything that punches the walls of my mind, today when my college life is ending and it has approached the exit of the stage I am being ruled by all the memories of good and bad time and I am being ruled by every emotions that brings me those moments where I was a kid and where I knew I had four years to change my life.

But today it’s all over, there won’t be the same feel again and there won’t be those beautiful days of friendship, care and love.

“I will miss all and especially all my friends who scored all the centuries on my heart”