May 11 2009

When the road ends and when you are sure about determining your destiny, the fate moves your inner-self, it pushes you again and protract the ending desires. The college days are ending…

From the first day I waited for this last moment to happen soon, I waited for this moment where I would hold my first excellent qualification and the character certificate of my eligibility to live in the society. But now when this last day is approaching, I am afraid that I will lose what I have gained. My friends, my class, me and a new side of my character… I am going to lose all.

The separation is tough and it’s definitely the toughest thing I have ever experienced and felt.  All those moments are now occupying my heart. They are driving the inner and making me insane. The fear of losing you is the biggest one, for all the moments in these last four years, I was sure that I had support, I had someone whom I could have trusted to every extent and the extremity for every word was amazing. Life without you my friend would be tough and it will bring a stranger and rudest pain.

The last four years were the amazing years of my life and I will surely miss every moment of them, from the day I walked into the campus to the day I stood out watching the white shiny building and you step out into the parking.