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Strange as it is, friendship is confusing. It changes with time and then changes again. We were only friends yesterday, but today just strangers listening to other strangers. Yesterday, we were best buddies but today we are nothing. I wonder why are we like this, cold hearted and forgetful.

It’s the same story, when we were in school we had friends, when we were in college we had other friends and now when we are working we have other friends. I agree some people keep in touch with old friends, some even carry forward the friendship and takes it to a lifetime but then not all of us do that.

How many of you out there have been in touch with a friend who probably helped you through tough times or probably just heard you out when you were young and confused. It’s strange, really strange because I can count a lot of friends I haven’t talked to in a while and I am sorry and sad about this, about them not knowing what is going on in my life and me being unaware of their stories.

Some say it is a normal process, a bound to happen fate. I deny it, just like I deny that there is a destiny. I think we just grew up so selfish and so egoistic that we didn’t keep touch with the people who mattered and who matters.

How can a connection ever be false or vague? It doesn’t have to be specific but then it is a connection, a spark, isn’t it?

Talk to a friend today, may be it will make you feel better or the best, it will make them feel better.