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Strange as it is, we often find ourselves stuck in the dilemma of either to tell the truth or not. I guess it’s easier to hide things, to lie and to ignore. And it probably makes us feel safe but the end is inevitable, at one point we all confess, the truth comes out and everyone gets a hold of you. It has been like this for centuries, probably for the eternity and it will be the same. Running from the facts that something is happening doesn’t undo it, probably gives you comfort but honestly what comfort is in a lie than to accept the truth.

In real world it is definitely not this simple, but I think the idea has always been the same, we did invent religion, culture, caste, race and what not, but what has always been there, has been the concept of a moral code, the moral code to speak truth, to love, to care, and to embrace the souls beyond their physical form.

I won’t say that I am not touched by the darkness around, my soul as of I know might have been corrupted even before I realized what I really was. I am not saying that I have never been a hypocrite or selfish, and probably I am all of what I despise. But everyday I sense this good in me, I sense the need to be just and a desire to carry the light and I choose to be that better person who accepts his flaws and acts on them.