May 12 2009

It’s not the first time that my life has shown me every possible shade of gloom in a single day. Right there at the centre and the core of my body, there is a deep silence, the quietness that has been controlled for so long, the exhaustive effort to breathe and a hopeless hope to not give up. As the clock ticks I think about the past and so every sense experiences nostalgia. The blood seems to be in prison and the body can surely feel the restrictions of all the flow.

The eyes are wide open they are surely hiding something, as the moment passes, it becomes tough to go on and to decide the way ahead, the senses are experiencing strange feelings and it’s becoming tougher to hide. Every action is accompanied by a complementary and so the body is in a severe pain. The quest is on but it sure never quenches, the hands have started shaking , they are afraid, the mind rules all, heart is losing its control, the silence is overrules by inner screams and everything is a mess now… I wonder where I went wrong. “It has been a long and lonesome journey, just a few more steps to go on an” I am fed up with this motivation and of this endless hope.

Day is night and night is day, the only thing I learnt is that I never had my own ways…