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March 18 Th 2003

An eagerness to witness a miracle speeds up and the heart screams again. Most of the times in your life you are unaware of the terms you share with people around you are not sure about the positives they look in you and then the negatives they hate in you.

I don’t know why we tends to look life that way. Is it all depends on what people think about you and not about how you actually are?

Last 10 days!

All the last days, I just counted on the things I left, honestly about the things those left me alone. It’s really amazing and terrifying as how people leave you alone in suck a strange way. The buddies who stepped with you and moved over all of your nerves, the buddies who means something for you leaves you alone at such critical point.

I’ve always been scared about being lonely and then the fears have always been raised at time I was to face those moments. At Every corner I’ve found same strangest of my own parts and of my soul when the heart says to quit, mind rules and dictates to move forwards. When the mind says to quit, heart rules and dictates success. That’s how I never actually quit and the body even after suffering a lot knows the only slogan “Never Back Down”.

I’ve found many strangers inside me and it’s really magical as I never knew that my single frame hides so many souls. Each stranger is unique and their imbibed nature is the proof of their individuality.

“Take to the extent” is all that keeps running in me…

These two brown eyes shed tears, they cry hard and they expect but whatever may be the case they know how to survive. One everlasting attitude of a warrior and a fighter who never shows its real strength until there is an urgent call. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to though; you want to share the burdens and heaviness you’ve been carrying for so long. But during most of those times you are still afraid that what that person might think of you until you touch their heart or they touch yours.

Rarely does it happen that words can pierce your heart, because your heart never acts as one transparent sheet but as storage, the black hole.

I am not sleeping child I am awake; I know how the heart beats and how it cries after laughing for years.

Your desires seem to have been protracted and there is where you are really afraid. The warrior inside don’t know how to fight for the first time. He is unable to control his frame, the troubling desire extends its limits and they want him to get in right away. They want him to touch the extreme, jump into the depth to touch the core. The fighter quits for the first time and he is affected by the extended desires.

He no longer knows how to hold and control, his soul screams to stop but the body and the frame pulls him up again.