Where do you start the search of finding the meaning to your life? Is it something you already know or something that you will eventually figure out.  I wonder how we end up dreaming the entire life and not doing anything to grab those dreams and throw them into reality.  But is it true that we don’t do anything, well I am not sure, I guess some people do try harder to get to their dreams. But the important question is that does it really matter, because in the end we all die and take nothing with us.

I don’t believe in life after death, nor I believe in heaven or hell. My belief is straight, that what you do here now, makes all the difference in your life tomorrow if you live to see that.

Holding on to a bigger heart I love everything and everyone around, may be that is a lie but at-least I try to spread love and help others in what ever way I can.

Coming back to the original question, how does it really matter to have your dreams shape up into reality, is it all about the  satisfaction, is it about the pleasure you get off your achievement that you see in others eyes? I am confused about this, how does a dream trimmed and escaped to reality changes anybody’s life?  What difference does it really make other than the stress relief?

I know life is short, I understand that perfectly and that is the only reason that has brought me where I am today, living with guilt of not doing something is not acceptable to me, I honestly believe in better ask forgiveness than permission.

Although. I asked a lot of questions above, I do have a few dreams as well, but unlike anyone else I am not trying to be in the marathon to prove something to someone. Especially not now, gone are the days when that mattered, now living in peace and living the way it counts matters to me. All I really wanna do is to love, live and breathe free, may be that is too much to ask, but that is my price , yes everything has a price.