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* Remember when you were a kid, you had so many dreams

* that was the amazing time, the time when you didn’t sit

* in front of computers the whole day but you spend that

* time amongst your best buddies, you talked, you fought

* but yes you loved each other like nothing else

* do you remember the time when you saw her first?

* when you felt so attracted that you didn’t feel earth beneath

* your feet. That was an amazing time, the moment when you fell

* in love, yes love the only beautiful thing around you.

* Do you remember when you kissed her, yes that was the amazing

* moment, when you wrapped around each other, when you bunked classes,

* when you did dream of future, yes all those were the amazing moments

* of your life.


* But today is not an amazing moment, you are stuck here sitting

* on the chair that only makes money and helps in buying a portion

* of fraud happiness. Today you are merely a machine, an instrument

* of hypothetical progress, and a passion of binaries. There is only

* smartness and intelligence in it, but not even a hundred percent of

* that and definitely zero percent of beauty and love.