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4:00 AM

I stare at this blank page thinking if I have an idea, a clue or anything to write, but no I have nothing for now. This is a rare occasion when I sit with a blank mind, running out of thoughts.

9:00 AM

It’s cold here I wonder what happened to summer, where is it? Hello….

Is anybody out there?

7:00 PM

I look out now and stare at the dark blue dense clouds on the light blue sky, it’s about time for the sunset, but is this the sun set of another judgment or ego in me? Or is this something else? Is this not the sunset but the dawn of another decision? Who knows, life is complicated and confusing but I guess that is why it is fun.

Thinking of emotions I guess there is no sadness in me and no worries but then there is anger that never really runs out.

8:00 PM

I question on the very existence of everything not because it seems cool, but my purpose is to get answers, who doesn’t want answers?

Do you want to sit straight and never ask anything but only follow the herd?

Is it enough for you?

9:00 PM

I am still here thinking that in time the thought process will end and I would go back to being blank. I liked it better than running around and hammering the walls of presumptions to find reality.