I was a kid when I started writing, slowly picked up the pen and poured the heart out. Honestly, I can still feel what I wrote, the poem of my dreams.

Writing changes you for good, and now as I turn back and look at the past, I realize I am all new now. I have out grown my coyness and become confident and honest with what I write, this is something that grabs me by my heart and propels me to write more and more everyday. The imagination, the urge to feel and express, the emotion of rhymes and missing words, the lengths of sentences, the dribbling of letters and the hidden desire to change the world, all are the perks of being a writer.

When I started Plain Paper, I had a very specific idea about this blog and I have kept working on that idea to keep it separate from An Empty Glass. The idea was to write anything that comes to my mind, the idea was to forget about blogging and getting views, the idea was just to express the big heart that i have. I guess I have been able to do that through my posts here, the series “Diary of a Young Man” made sure of this, if you haven’t read that yet, I will suggest you should, reading that series will give you an idea of how Plain Paper is different from An Empty Glass or else you can read below.

Why Plain Paper? I have asked this question to myself a million of times, the answer that I always get is that “Like a piece of paper, this is the place where I can just draw the sketch with the words”.

But why don’t I write the same way on An Empty Glass? well I guess that’s why I am writing this, I have thought about merging both of my blogs for a very long time now, but should I really do that? I see An Empty Glass as an attempt to grab everything around and pour it with love, emotions, feelings repeatedly, but Plain Paper is not same, it’s actually an attempt to give away and not take anything, it’s simply a gesture of heart.

Writing changes you for good, please keep on writing and let those words reach out and echo through eternity. Let your heart be heard out and may be felt with another.

Peace and Love 🙂

Plain Paper (C)