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March 10 Th 2003

A long term of waiting seems tough again. It was not the same as things goes now, the wonderful feel still penetrated my inner core but even then it was a comfortable ambiance that helped my feelings to flourish that have worsen to trouble me now.

With every tick of clock the emotions are flourishing and the abundance of them indicates the control developed on myself.

I am helpless or addicted is still an answer to be determined and the quest still doesn’t seem to end soon. I am afraid of that long course where I won’t be able to witness such happy moments where life will turn to its profession and where I’ll have to make a new start.

I am really afraid of all those lonely moments where I’ll have to wait for every single thing. And with these moments when I’ll miss certain things and certain people will not hold anymore and the tears would say all after that.

Some really makes to your heart and the strong bond does supports you in the end but the support are always accompanied by a bit of restriction and dependence when you start facing the world alone.