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March 6 Th 2003

The true support seems to come now and I can feel the strength coming up into the picture.

After a long wait, although the result was not declared but it’s just some words that makes sure about your victory in the end.

The best thing that comes after such patience is what you actually desire. Being into arms and having the strong shoulder beside that can carry your sorrows to reduce them is the only one thing that allows you to move further at any cost.

All the moves that adds warmth into the feelings and moreover all of them which comforts you are precious. Nobody can ever worth it because at any sense any moment the care and feeling it brings up can’t be facsimiled.

Sometimes you really can’t wait and you can’t resist yourself even when you lack the privacy. You just go for every move because you are driven with the fragrance and the touch of emotions.

When you are presented the cute peck you just can’t think about anything else. It drives you crazy and every moment then you are just lost in your own thoughts.

The toughest phase comes when you have to bid good bye because after all of involvement and all of deep touch you can’t control your mind and then you really can’t allow the separation even for a while.

You are completely lost and have been touched by the simplicity of all beauties of life. Maybe that’s what has been called as Amor…