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March 7th 2003

The last day seems to have ended soon so we call for the next wonderful day where the rest part of fantasies can be fulfilled. The eagerness about closing your eyes and then feeling the time going back is amazing. You are never sure as where you can reach while doing so. At some moment you are at four first dates then on the second you are at your destination.

While moving your hands you rarely feel that you are on urge to fly and all the warmth adds wings to your desires. The puerile behavior is then the next thing to come. You are mad about its presence and the craziest if it’s not there.

Doing everything when you surely lack privacy is the daring job but then it’s the bravest and amazing when you manage to keep up the secrecy.

You can easily feel the dominance of desires and the continuous encouragement to go on and on but then you‘ll always have to support the limit and has to curb the protracting desires.

At the end everything is just the best except the good-bye phase because it brings the season of separation back and then with it you are again alone and scared.