March 4 Th 2003

There is always something special about this young mind. Being ruled by so many thoughts it knows where to find the answers at a moment but then it acts as a nincompoop for the second.

This happens most of the times and it was the same even today when I was confused and sure about certain thing at the same moment.

The feel of having a presence is the best thing one can ever score and the merriment after that feel of being a center figure is just the best. On occasions where you are with your best buddies and with them when you share your moments together it simply gives you the best.

The best dish you can find in the world is the one, a special person prepares for you and that too if the ingredients added are truly ready with love and feelings of closeness marked by concern.

It simply feels like being on heaven and then I am sure that I couldn’t find any moment as special as this.

Even if I try to compare that smile with one of an angel’s it won’t make a sense of inferiority to the former because that expression of closeness accompanied by the everlasting happiness is just amazing.

The different shades used by the eyes while speaking let you feel that you are right there inside the core and if you try harder you can definitely hear the beats.

What else you want?

Nothing more than the sentence of love.

The touch allows surviving and staying right there at the moments where you are ready to find something new about the character.

That’s all that feels when you are cared.